For the love of beef and benevolent acts of kindness

In case you haven’t noticed, Liquid Lounge isn’t your normal type of place. That’s because it’s run by people who are not your normal type of folks. It’s a throwback to a different era… a kinder, gentler time.

Following the tradition of it’s patron saint Ed Kaprenak - known for his benevolent acts of kindness - Liquid Lounge was created with one thing in mind. Bringing together great people and creating a place where they can enjoy great drinks and imaginatively creative sliders. Ed loved his beef so it's in his honor that we've created dozens of unusual ways to serve-up this American classic. It's like going back in time to 1955, except there are flat screen TVs.

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A trio of deliciousness ...



A sign of Retro Cool.



Ed Kaprenak was a passionate man with a modest demeanor - but with a heart of gold.  Legendary stories abound of his amazing acts of altruism and kindness.

Emmigrating from Lituania in 1912, Ed quickly embraced the American  Dream. Working as a block maker at Kaprenak Brick and Block, he quickly distinguished himself by his outstanding work ethic and incredible acts of kindness. Often giving his lunch away to his poorer counterparts, Ed became known for both his small and more demonstrative deeds. Coworkers often found him unannounced at their homes tackeling chores and aiding the elderly. He once completely rebuilt a crumbling sidewall while his unsuspecting benefactors were away. Upon their return they quickly learned of his unmistakable presence... a signature  pine branch marking his deed.

Adored my man and beast alike, Ed captivated the hearts of his fellow citizens and became a symbol of American exceptionalism. He remains an enduring inspiration to us all for his incredible acts of kindness, love of country and beef burgers. He often said, "To eat a hamburger is to trully be an American." We couldn't agree more.


Gone but not forgotten

Use this space to tell people about the history of Kaprenak Brick and Block. This legandary company employed hundreds in it's heyday and remains an important part of Saginaw's forgotten history... it lives on, at least in our own minds.


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